Friday, March 25, 2011

A Spanky Education: Part 2ish

Here's a little teaser for you.
I have a report due early next week so won't be writing much but hopefully I'll have something more for you soon =D

“Get to your room.” Morena growled, slapping Jordyn sharply on the ass.

Jordyn yelped and tried to rub out some of the sting as she scurried toward the stairs.

“Your nose better be in the corner when I get up there, young lady!”

Jordyn paused on the staircase and opened her mouth to argue but thought better of it and stomped up the stairs instead. When she reached the bedroom she sat on the bed, crossed her arms and glared at the corner she was supposed to be standing in.

She barely had time to fix the glare firmly on her face before determined footsteps could be heard coming up the stairs. Her stomach flip flopped and she squirmed nervously.

When the footsteps entered the hall, she jumped up and ran to the corner, turning to look over her shoulder when Morena entered the room.

She raised an eyebrow at Jordyn expecting her to turn back around.

When the brat turned fully around to face her instead, nervously playing with the hem of her skirt, Morena’s other eyebrow joined the first.

“Is that the position you’re supposed to be in right now, Young Lady!?”

“No.” She responded, pouty lip firmly in place.

Morena twirled her finger, motioning for Jordyn to turn around.

“Morenaaaa.” She whined. She hated standing in the corner. It made her feel vulnerable ... well, parts of her felt vulnerable at least.

Morena's eyes went wide in disbelief and she stalked over to the whining girl, gripping her bicep and turning her back to face the corner. She then grabbed the hem of the girls skirt and tucked it into her waistband before giving her four stinging spanks.

Jordyn gasped and bit her lip, reaching back to protect herself.

“Hands on the wall!” Morena growled.

Jordyn jumped at the intensity in the older woman's voice and immediately obeyed.

Morena gave her four more sharp slaps and watched as Jordyn started to reach back, instinctively going to protect her stinging cheeks, before quickly putting her hands back on the wall.

“Too late.” Morena breathed into Jordyn's ear before grabbing her panties and pulling them down to her knees .

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Spanky Education: Part1

Hey! Guess what? I am still alive. Been really busy with school and work but found some time to write some storyyyyyy.

“Alright. Are you ready?”

Jordyn blushed and nodded shyly, biting her lip.

“Okay,” Morena smiled, “go get changed. Jack and I will set up downstairs.” She sent the young woman up to the spare bedroom with a swat to her backside.

Jordyn grinned excitedly as she ran up the stairs to change into her school girl uniform.

She changed as quickly as she could, not wanting to miss out on anything, then ran back down the stairs in her stockinged feet pulling her hair back into a ponytail as she went.

When she entered the living room she saw a couple text books, some paper, a ruler and a pencil lying on the coffee table. She padded over and sat on the floor, picking up the pencil and twirling it nervously between her fingers waiting for a sign that the scene had begun.

It wasn`t long before the distinctive sound of a strong palm meeting unprotected flesh began to ring out rhythmically from the open basement door.

Jordyn`s heart skipped a beat and her stomach fluttered at the sound of the first slap. She drew in a deep shaky breath as she stood up and headed quietly towards the source of the sound.

Her heart pounded in her ears and she bit her lip trying to contain the eager grin possessing her lips as she slowly descended the basement stairs. Stopping at the small landing, she crouched down and peeked around corner, letting out a small whimper at the sight before her.

Morena was bent over a padded work bench resting on her forearms, her dress flipped up and draped across her back, her panties pooled around one ankle.

Jordyn`s eyes were immediately drawn to the pink hue colouring the beautiful, prominently displayed, smooth, round cheeks of Morena`s ass.

She watched, entranced, as Jack continued to spank her. Each slap causing her body to rock forward slightly, drawing small whimpers and yelps of pain.

“Oooh, ow, honey please! I’m sorry!” She pleaded as the slaps came down harder, faster.

Jordyn squirmed and shuffled further back on the landing, out of site. Only the side of her face was visible as she spied on her ‘caregivers’.

~ ~ ~

When setting up the scene, they had decided that Jordyn would be the daughter of a close family friend who had come to stay with them while attending University.

“Since when do University students wear uniforms?” Jordyn had asked with more than a hint of attitude, leaning against the kitchen counter.

Morena had raised a brow at Jordyns smart ass comment, calmly putting down her coffee mug before gripping Jordyns bicep, turning her sideways and landing three sharp swats to her backside.

Jordyn had yelped then giggled as she rubbed out the sting.

“Watch your attitude young lady,” Morena had smirked.

~ ~ ~

Jordyn giggled at the memory then quickly jumped back when Jack turned his head in her direction.

“Shit!” she thought, holding her breath, heart pounding, feeling very much like a naughty teenager nearly caught sneaking about.

Jack paused to see if Morena was going to react to Jordyns obvious presence. When he saw her shoulders shaking lightly with a silent giggle of her own he decided to pick up the pace and brought his hand down hard on her backside.

She gasped and turned to glare over her shoulder, not quite managing to completely hide her grin.

Jack continued to rain down hard, stinging slaps delighting in the sight of Morena’s red cheeks squirming from side to side as she yelped and whimpered and pleaded.

“Please Jack, please! It won’t happen again, I swear!”

“Hmm, you know ... that sounds so familiar. Where have I heard that before?” Jack asked sarcastically. “Oh, I know,” he continued as he reached over to take down the leather strap that hung on the wall, “that’s what you said the last time you got a speeding ticket,” he finished sternly.

Jordyn peeked back around the corner to continue watching the scene.

“Oh God no, no please, not the strap.” Morena pleaded as she tried to stand up.

Jack pressed her firmly back down and kept his hand on her back, holding her in place. “The spanking I gave you the last time you got a speeding ticket obviously didn’t make much of an impression. Perhaps this,” he began, tapping the strap against her naked cheeks, “will be more successful.” He finished, before bringing the strap down with a loud crack.

Jordyn jumped at the sound, her eyes going wide as Morena cried out.

She moved further out of her hiding spot staring in awe at the wide, deep red stripe forming on Morena’s backside.

Jordyn swallowed thickly, her eyes glued to the strap as Jack raised his arm again and brought it down smartly, leaving another red stripe just below the first.

This time Morena arched up as she cried out.

Jordyn looked down at the tin can at the edge of the stair case. She was supposed to knock it over when she wanted to be ‘caught’ spying.

She bit her lip and decided to wait for one more lick of the strap. She knew the next one would be across Morenas sit spots and she found herself grinning at the thought of Morena squirming as she had Jordyn across her lap, spanking her for ‘spying’.

She bit her lip and watched intently as the strap came down again.

“Fuck!” Morena hissed as she kicked her legs and squirmed desperately under Jack’s large hand.

Jordyn couldn’t help the mischievous giggle that escaped just before she knocked over the can and quickly ran up the stairs as it clattered on the ground.

She slid into place at the coffee table and opened one of the texts books, sqribbling some random math equations onto the paper in front of her. 

“Were you in the basement young lady?” Morena asked sternly when she entered the living room, walking over to stand next to Jordyn.
“Um ... no?” she answered.

“No? You’ve just been sitting working on your homework since you got home?”

“Um, y-yeah?”

“Oh really?” Morena leaned down to pick up the open text book, closing it and showing Jordyn the cover. “Since when do you get math equations from a history text book?” She asked sternly.

“Uh, I-I-I,” she stammered before turning wide, sorrowful eyes up at Morena. “I’m sorry,” she whimpered.

“You will be.” Morena promised gravely, dropping the book on the coffee table.

Jordyn winced as the text hit the table then whimpered as Morena pulled her up by her arm.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm a bad blogger :(

   I drew this half-assed sketch and decided to post it. Mainly just so I could stick my tongue my out at people and say that I've posted something but also because I thought it would be fun for people to copy (or print) and paste their own faces onto it.

   Also ... have any of you ever been spanked in this position?

(the creepiness of the headless Top is not completely lost on me ...)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tara and Kensie: Part IV

Guess what?
I have more story.
No cliffhangers, I promise :)

(Thanks for beta skills Alyx)

   Tara shook her head as she walked back to the couch and pulled a small well-worn leather strap from the side table drawer. She wasn’t certain where the strap had come from originally but she had received it from her first lover who had used it enthusiastically on Tara’s own bottom whenever she stepped out of line. Tara felt a shiver run up her spine at the memory. She wouldn’t be using it quite so intensely on Kensie but the girl was certainly in for good dose of it.

   Tara sat back down on the couch, and began gently running her fingers along the leather strap. It was a bit deceptive with respect to its intensity. Being so well worn it was soft and flexible rather than stiff and smooth but the intensity of the sting it could impart on your bottom would force the air from your lungs in a single gasp while the ferocious burn that followed quickly would leave you gasping for breath. It would take a few moments before the inevitable cry of pain would finally escape your lips.

   Tara shook her head to clear her thoughts and looked up towards Kensie who was shifting her weight nervously from foot to foot. She sat back admiring the pert, round, and very red, bottom in front her and sighed.

   'Time to finish this,' she thought.

   "Kensie," she called softly, trying not to startle the girl.

   It didn't work. Kensie jumped. She had been lost in her own thoughts. Wondering what Tara had pulled out of that drawer. Knowing she was probably going to be spanked with it, whatever it was.
   She had figured her spanking wasn't over when she'd been sent to the corner. It had hurt, yes, but Tara had only used her hand. Kensie knew there was no way she would get away with just a hand spanking for something as egregious as lying. And, if she was honest with herself, she was glad. She felt terrible for deceiving Tara and a handspanking, regardless of the fact it had been painful enough to bring her to tears, just wasn't enough. She didn't feel that she had truly paid her debt. She didn't feel cleansed. 

   Tara put the strap behind her back. "Come here," she ordered.

   Kensie looked over her shoulder as she dropped her hands to her sides.

   "Come on," Tara made a come hither motion with her fingers, "lets finish this."

   Kensie turned to face Tara and started slowly towards her, looking at her lap, her hands, the couch on either side of her. No sign of the implement. She stopped just out of reach, wringing her hands together.

   Tara raised an eyebrow. "Kensie," she said warningly as she reached out her hand.

   Kensie bit her lip and furrowed her brow but reached out to put her hand in Tara's.

   "Good girl," Tara said as she pulled Kensie to stand in front of her, between her legs. "We're almost finished."

   She pulled Kensie down over her left thigh. Adjusting her so her bottom was pointing well up towards the ceiling before she clamped her other leg across the backs of both of Kensie's.

   "Give me your hand," Tara ordered.

   Kensie whimpered but obeyed. Slowly reaching her right hand behind her.

   Tara gripped Kensie's wrist and held it firmly to her lower back before reaching for the strap and laying it across Kensie's quivering red cheeks.

   Kensie whimpered in recognition and tried to press her hips into Tara's thigh, away from the strap. Tara had told her about this strap -- well worn, well used, capable of igniting the fires of hell across one's ass. This was going to be highly unpleasant.

   Kensie started to squirm as Tara lifted the strap then paused, waiting to ensure Kensie couldn't squirm out of position before bringing the strap down hard on the crown of her right cheek.

   As expected, initially the only sound in the room was the loud 'crack' of leather against bare flesh.

   A moment of silence followed as all the air rushed from Kensie's lungs before she sucked in a gasping breath and cried out sharply, bucking her hips against the stripe of searing pain that had been imparted across her tender rear.

   Tears burned her eyes as she continued her desperate attempts to squirm away the pain.

   Suddenly a second stripe of pain was laid down on her left cheek.

   Kensie squealed and bucked and squirmed as much as she could in her restrained position. A few tears began to stream down her face.

   A third strike landed, on her right cheek, just below the first. Quickly followed by another on the left.

   "Ahhhhhhaaaa! Nooo, pleeease. I'm sorrrrrry," Kensie cried, tears flowing freely.

   Tara paused, giving Kensie a chance to catch her breath, and closed her eyes. Kensie's cries pained her. She knew they were real. Knew she was hurting. Knew the scorching pain this strap imparted.  And knew she had to continue. So she rested the strap low on Kensie's bottom, right across her sit spot and steeled herself as Kensie shook her head rapidly from side to side whimpering and whining, "No, please-please-please-please-ple--."

   Her pleading was cut off as Tara brought the strap down hard. She tightened her grip on Kensie's wrist and clamped her leg down harder as Kensie tried desperately to squirm away from the pain. She was crying freely and vowing to never ever lie ever again!

   It took nearly a minute for Kensie to calm down enough that Tara could focus on landing the next strike to Kensie other cheek.

   Kensie arched up and howled then dropped back down burying her face into the couch cushion as she sobbed. "I'm sorryyy, I'm soo sorryyy," she cried pitifully. But she didn't fight. Didn't squirm. Didn't try to get away. She just lay across Tara's thigh and cried. Cleansed. Submitting to whatever punishment Tara saw fit to deliver.

   Tara felt tears burning in her own eyes and blinked hard to force them away. She had intended to give her two more lashes - one to the back of each thigh - but couldn't bring herself to do it. It wasn't necessary. The lesson had been learned.

   She put the strap down on the table and released Kensie's wrist, then moved her hand up under Kensie's shirt to rub circles on her back. "Shhh, honey, it's okay. It's all over now," she soothed as Kensie's crying eventually slowed to sniffles and shaky breaths.

   "Come here sweetheart," Tara said as she lifted the restraining leg from Kensie's thighs and pulled her up slowly into her lap.

   Kensie winced and whimpered as she curled into a position on her right hip, careful to avoid any and all contact to her seared cheeks, and buried her face in Tara's shoulder, still sniffling.

   "I'm really sorry," Kensie whispered.

   "I know sweetheart. It's over and done with now. You know that, right?" Tara inquired, a hint of concern in her voice.

   Kensie smiled up at her. "Yes ma'am, I know."

   "Good." Tara smiled back, giving her a tight squeeze and kissing the top of her head. "I love you," she whispered into her hair.

   Kensie looked up into Tara's eyes and smiled. "I love you too."


Monday, September 20, 2010

Tara and Kensie: Part III

Alright, alright! Here's part III
(Kensie is Celtic by the way ... hence the sensitive skin)

   Kensie felt the butterflies in her stomach morph into pterodactyls as Tara lifted her hand and brought it down sharply on Kensie’s unprotected rear.

   She gasped at the sting and flinched at the sound but didn’t have time to do much else as several other rapid stinging spanks quickly followed the first.

   It only took a few short seconds before Kensie was squirming and wriggling around on Tara’s lap trying to avoid the spanks and ease some of the awful burning pain that was building intensely across her poor cheeks. She tried to arch up, bracing her arms against the couch beneath her but a firm hand between her shoulder blades pushed her back down.

   She kicked her legs and wriggled her hips, whined and whimpered, ow’d and ouched, but nothing helped. The spanks kept falling, never faltering, never missing their target. Tears welled up in her eyes as the pleas and promises began.

   “I’m sorrrrrrry! I am! I’ll never do it again, I promiiiise,” she whined.

   “Oh, we’re going to make sure of that, sweetie, don’t you worry.”


   “Oh, yes!”

    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” she squealed as she bucked over Tara’s lap before finally throwing her hand back to protect her burning bottom.

   Tara stopped abruptly and grabbed Kensie’s wrist, pinning it to her lower back. She had been expecting it and was rather impressed that Kensie had lasted as long as she did. But still…

   She leaned down close to Kensie’s ear. “That was completely unacceptable, young lady,” she growled.

   Kensie shivered, then whimpered, wondering what Tara was going to do. She didn’t have to wait long.

   Tara sat upright and pressed Kensie’s hand firmly into her back before delivering several scorching spanks to the tops of Kensie’s thighs.

   “Aiieeeeeee, I’m sorryyyyyy! Ahhhh!” Kensie squealed loudly as she flailed her legs about trying desperately to avoid the horrible sting of palm against oh so tender thighs.

   After delivering twenty or so spanks to her thighs, Tara stopped to catch her breath and shake out some of the stinging in her palm.

   She watched as Kensie continued to wriggle in her lap, gasping, trying to squirm the burning pain away.

   Tara couldn’t help the amused smile that graced her lips. Her brat was just so damn cute!

   After Kensie finally settled down, Tara released her wrist and urged her up.

   Kensie just slid backwards off her lap and onto her knees where both hands immediately went to her bottom as she looked up at Tara with a bit of awe. Tara smiled at her and kissed her forehead. “Alright, naughty girl, into the corner with you,” she said, nodding to a corner across the room.

   “What? Noooo. Please?” Kensie whined. Corners were not her friends and Tara knew that. She had made her stand in the corner many times during their online relationship and Kensie had hated every second of it.

   Tara smiled sweetly. “You can either put yourself in that corner or you can put yourself back over my lap.”

   Kensie scowled, then quickly opted for a pout instead.

   She tried one last pleading look, which resulted in a raised eyebrow that made her tummy flip.

   “Go,” Tara ordered firmly.

   She slowly got up and walked over to the corner, hands still rubbing her bottom.

   “I want your nose right in that corner young lady. Hands in front. You know better.”

   Kensie’s pout deepend and she brought her hands in front of her and started to play with the hem of her shirt.

   Tara leaned back to admire her handiwork. Kensie’s bottom was a deep dark red. A colour that would have alarmed her if she wasn’t fully aware of how sensitive her little brat's skin was.

   She glanced at the clock. “Five minutes should be enough,” she thought. She just wanted to get the rest of this punishment over with.

   She leaned over to open the drawer of the side table when she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. She looked over to see Kensie looking nervously at the now open drawer.

   Tara closed the drawer firmly before walking over towards Kensie.

   Taking her firmly by the arm, she delivered five hard spanks to Kensie's tender backside.

   Kensie winced then cried out and hopped from foot to foot.

   “Get your nose back in that corner young lady!” Tara ordered.

   Kensie quickly turned to the corner with a whimper but reached back to rub her bottom.

   Tara grabbed her wrists and gave her three more spanks, hard enough to bring the tears back to Kensie’s eyes.

    “Ow ow ow!” Kensie squealed.

    “Hands on your head!”

     Kensie immediately obeyed, sniffling.

   Tara shook her head as she walked back to the couch and pulled a small well-worn leather strap from the side table drawer. She wasn’t certain where the strap had come from originally but she had received it from her first lover who had used it enthusiastically on Tara’s own bottom whenever she stepped out of line. Tara felt a shiver run up her spine at the memory. She wouldn’t be using it quite so intensely on Kensie but the girl was certainly in for good dose of it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

   Good day my Lovlies. I'm sorry this has taken soooo long to update but, well...shit happens.
   Perhaps I am in need of more 'motivation'?

   Thanks to Alyx for beta-ing :)

   Oh and one more thing heeehehehe ... you'll see *cheeky grin*

   “How’s your head, Honey?”

   Kensie glanced up briefly. Just long enough for Tara to catch the pronounced pout that had taken over her features.

   She shrugged. “I don’t know...okay, I guess.”

   Tara smiled indulgently at the pouty little girl that had materialized before her. A pouty little girl who knew she was in trouble. Knew she was going to be punished.

   “Come on, Sweetie. Let’s get this over with,” Tara said calmly as she stood up from the table.

   Kensie’s pout deepened as she continued to stare into her tea cup. She squirmed in her seat but made no move to get up.

   Tara raised an eyebrow. “Kensie?” she said in a warning tone.

   Kensie bit her lip as she looked up at Tara from beneath her long lashes. “Am I really in trouble? I mean, like ... really big trouble?” she whimpered.

   Her other eyebrow joined the first. “You essentially lied to me, Young Lady,” she replied sternly. “So yes, you are in really big trouble.”

   Kensie’s eyes went wide as her stomach dropped. “Lied? I didn’t lie!” she squeaked, shaking her head back and forth to emphasize how much she had not lied. She knew full well how Tara felt about lying and was certain her ass could not pay that high a price.

   And, well, okay, maybe earlier she had admitted to lying but she was overly emotional at the time! Now that she was calmer and had had time to talk about some of her fears and anxieties with Tara, she had decided that it had definitely not been lying. It was ... omitting the truth.

   That damn eyebrow went up again causing Kensie’s stomach to flip.

   Tara looked at her sternly, holding her gaze, watching as Kensie squirmed – the desired effect. When she saw tears begin to well up in her love’s eyes and her lower lip start to quiver, she wavered.

   Although Kensie had never been spanked growing up, Tara certainly had. She didn’t consider herself as having suffered abuse in any way but she had certainly been spanked and spanked hard whenever her parents felt it was deserved. So she was well aware of the fear and anxiety that accompanied the knowledge that you were about to be spanked over someone’s knee.

   She walked over and took Kensie’s hands in hers, pulling her up. Then moved her hands to gently but firmly grip Kensie’s upper arms.

   “It’s going to be okay, Tara reassured her.

   “Easy for you to say,” Kensie pouted.

   Tara managed to contain her grin … barely.

   “Come on sweetie,” Tara said as she took Kensie’s hand in hers and led her to the couch where she sat down and directed Kensie to stand in front of her.

   Kensie’s pout was still firmly in place as she stared intently at her feet.

   “Kensie ... Kensie look at me,” Tara ordered gently.

   Kensie met Tara’s eyes briefly then quickly glanced back down. She just couldn’t look Tara in the eye, afraid of what she might see there. They had talked at length about Kensie’s insecurities and how lying was not the way to deal with them. And Tara had tried to assure her that she wasn’t angry. A little disappointed, yes but not angry.

   But Kensie couldn’t make the guilt go away. The insecurity. Would Tara really forgive her? Trust her again?  Love her?

   She was so ashamed and embarrassed. She truly felt like a naughty little girl being called out on her behaviour. 

   Her vision blurred as tears welled up in her eyes. Her lip quivered as she shook her head, gritting her teeth in an effort to maintain control of her emotions. She didn’t want Tara to feel sorry for her, to feel guilty about punishing her. She deserved to be punished, needed to be punished. To be cleansed, and hopefully ... forgiven.

   A single tear escaped, rolling slowly down her cheek.

   “Oh sweetie, come here,” Tara soothed as she pulled Kensie down into her lap. She wrapped her arms around her, holding her tight as more tears began to flow.

   “Honey, what did I tell you?”

   “That you’re not mad,” Kensie mumbled into Tara’s shoulder.


   “And you understand.”


   “And you forgive me,” Kensie whispered as fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. She turned her face, burying it in Tara’s neck as she began to cry in earnest. She didn’t understand why she was being so emotional. She just couldn’t help it. She felt so raw, so vulnerable.

   “Shh, sweetheart. It’ll be okay,” Tara soothed as she rubbed Kensie’s back. “You’ll feel better soon. Well, most of you will...”

   Despite her emotional state Kensie couldn’t help the snort of laughter that escaped. She looked up at Tara then, a tiny unsure smile on her face. Being in Tara’s arms made her feel safe ... loved.

   They sat silently for a minute as Kensie took a few deep breaths, trying to calm herself. The tears soon stopped and her body relaxed.

   “Are you ready to deal with this now, naughty girl?”

   Kensie bit her lip and nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

   Tara smiled. “Good girl. Come on, up you get.”

   Kensie reluctantly stood and tried not to squirm as Tara pulled her thin cotton shorts down to her knees.

   “Alright, over you go.” Tara pulled gently on Kensie’s wrist, guiding her down over her lap. Taking a few moments to adjust her position before passing her a small throw pillow to hold onto. “Are you comfortable, sweetheart?”

   Kensie’s pout returned quickly as she turned to look over her shoulder. “For now,” she replied ruefully.

   Tara clenched her jaw, fighting the laughter threatening to escape, succeeding and raising a brow in warning.

   Kensie bit her lip and turned back around, pulling her arms in under her body, gripping her pillow tightly and pressing her forehead into it.

   Tara rested her palm on Kensie’s panty clad bottom and closed her eyes, taking a slow deep breath and centering herself. She was nervous as hell but wasn't about to let Kensie see that.

   The girl deserved a damn good spanking for her dishonesty and Tara intended to deliver. But she was worried, worried about pushing her too far or not far enough. She expected tears, she expected squirming and wriggling and hands flying back to protect what would soon be a very red, sore backside. She expected pleas and promises but ... what else? Could she read Kensie? Would she be able to read her body language? Know when she was getting through to her naughty girl, when the lesson was finally learned, when she finally felt she had paid for her 'crime' and would be forgiven? Would she know if she was going too far?

   She opened her eyes. “Only one way to find out,” she mumbled quietly to herself.

   She patted Kensie’s bottom to get her attention. “Alright Honey, I want you to tell me why you’re being punished.”

   Kensie groaned and pressed her forehead further into her pillow while kicking her feet against the cushion on the other side.

   Tara raised an eyebrow, along with her hand, and gave Kensie two sharp stinging spanks, one to each cheek.

   Kensie yelped and jerked her head up, eyes wide at the sting those two spanks had induced.

   “Pardon me?” Tara growled.

   Kensie bit her lip and chanced a look over her shoulder. Not liking the look she was given, she turned back around and ducked her head, much like a frightened turtle trying to retreat into its shell.

   “Um, because I was dishonest.”

   “I’m going to be spanked because …” Tara prompted. She knew Kensie had a hard time saying that word. She never said it out loud except when Tara made her.

   Kensie squirmed. “Um, I’m going to be, um…” she squirmed again and Tara patted her bottom in warning.

   Kensie tensed and whimpered, “I’m going to be sp-spanked because I was dishonest… because I omitted the truth… which is kind of like lying.”

   “Kind of?” Tara inquired.


   Tara patted her bottom firmly.

   “I-I-I mean it’s not the same thing but it’s just as bad!”


   Tara gripped the waistband of Kensie’s panties and pulled then down to join her shorts at her knees.

   “What’s your safeword, Kensie?”


   “Your safeword?”

   Kensie was confused. Tara already knew her safeword. Why was she asking? “Um, butterfly?”

   “Good. Use it if you need to.”

   Kensie twisted around to give Tara a very confused look. “But…”

   Tara gave her a small smile. “Yes, this is a punishment,” she began firmly, “but you always have the right to say ‘no’ … well, not ‘no’ exactly. But you always have the right to safeword. Even when you’re being punished.”

   Kensie nodded. She hadn’t considered that she could end this if she wanted to. It was a punishment, it wasn’t supposed to be her choice. And she supposed it still wasn’t but she felt a lot of her fear, fear she hadn’t realized she was carrying, dissipate in that moment and her body relaxed knowing she could end it if she needed to. But it still didn't seem quite right. So Kensie vowed to herself that she wouldn’t safeword. She couldn’t. She deserved this and would take whatever punishment Tara felt she deserved.    

   Tara smiled as she saw the fear and tension leave Kensie’s body. Now she ready for her punishment.

   “Alright young lady, let’s get this over with,” she said sternly.
                                                        ~ ~ ~

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pictures :)

   Hey Everyone,

   Sorry it's been so long. I had a shit week and was therefore completely uninspired to write anything but I have a couple sketches for you.

   Some of you have seen a couple of these before.
   The first 2 'before and after' pics were drawn for one of HAL's wonderful stories.

The next one comes out of my curiosity about what it would feel like to be caned.

And this is my ass :)